Friday, February 10, 2012

Prankster's Devlied Eggs

Make these, put them on the the buffet, and wait for the fun to ensue!  No matter how many times I take these to family parties, especially at Easter, some one falls for it, 
and those of us that knew have a good laugh!

What You Need

White Chocolate Melts
Yellow Chocolate Melts
Egg Shaped Molds, the closer to the size of a real egg, the better
Orange and Red Sprinkles 

How To Make It

Melt the white chocolate and make half eggs for the base.
Once the half eggs are all made and cool, melt the yellow chocolate partially.  
Leave the yellow chocolate a little "chunky" so it has the natural texture of a deviled egg! 
Dollop the yellow chocolate on the end of the egg, and add a dash of orange and red sprinkles for the paprika look!

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